Our Experienced Fitness Trainers

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Headshot Image of Paul Smiling With Folded Hands Copy

Paul Sklar, CSCS, Owner

Sandy Headshot in a Black Tanktop With Toned Arms One

Sandy Sklar, NASM, Owner

Marc in a Black Top Headshot Image

Marc Arnone, CSCS

Joe in a Beard Smiling Portrait Headshot

Joe Schriffen, TPI Certified

Harrison in a Charcoal Black Shirt Headshot

Harrison Sklar, NASM

Jackie in a Black Tank Top With Curly Blond Hair

Jackie John, ACSM

Matt V Smiling Portrait Headshot

Matt Vittorioso, ISSA

A Woman in a Black Color Tank Top Smiling

Jane Hanisch, ACSM, NASM

Joe Schuster in a Black SHirt Headshot

Joe Schuster, NASM